Seahorse course (10 participants)

  • Great experience for children from 6 years old!
    Kids over the age of 6 can learn to swim in our Seahorse courses. We place great importance on slowly and gently getting children used to swimming, so that being in the water is a positive experience. Over the duration of the swimming course, children will learn to jump in from the pool ledge, paddle, kick, and dive. The aim of the course is to prepare for the Seahorse badge.

    Open Course 10 sessions of 45 minutes each (fully booked)
    Course  Start from 10.01.24 Wednesdays at 15.00-15.45 hrs.
    Fees 4,00 € per session (45 min.) plus admission to Sternbuschbad

    Compact course 8 sessions of 45 minutes each
    Course I
     25.03.,26.03.,27.03., 28.03.,02.04.,03.04.,04.04.,05.04. at 12.00-12.45 hrs
    Course II 25.03.,26.03.,27.03., 28.03.,02.04.,03.04.,04.04.,05.04. at 13.00-13.45 hrs

    Fees 40,00 €, plus admission to Sternbuschbad


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